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T2P2 stands for "Towers of Tampons & Pyramids of Pads." We are a feminine-product donation drive to help Seattle's homeless women live a little easier once a month.

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Our Mission

Homeless shelters do a tremendous job of providing a safe place to sleep and a warm meal but they often have to rely on what is donated to them. Funding sources don’t generally include a tampon and pad line item. And frankly, it just doesn’t occur to most people to donate feminine hygiene products. Who wants to drive up to a shelter with a bag full of tampons when winter coats and donuts are so much more glamorous? If you’re somebody who thinks it’s important to help homeless women keep their dignity by having access to clean, safe feminine hygiene supplies.

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What We Do

The Tampon Issue is a real struggle for a lot women. Tampons and pads are considered a “luxury” item so not only are they taxed as such, they are not eligible to purchase on government assistant programs like food stamps. If you’re a woman living on the streets, in a shelter, in transitional housing or even a middle school girl, it’s a struggle to spend $7.00 on a box of tampons. So what’s the alternative? Watch this video from Bustle which explains exactly why we do what we do!

Until menstrual products are free and readily available for everyone, T2P2 will distribute Period Packs to Seattle’s homeless and low-income women so that we can Help Women Period!


Our Impact

We launched Seattle T2P2 on International Women's Day 2017. In our first year building Towers of Tampons & Pyramids of Pads for Seattle's homeless and low-income women, we raised over 5,000 pads and tampons. These were distributed to shelters and used to create Period Packs. 



Pads and TamPons raised

We host events and donation drives to raise tampons and pads. Most events are free and sponsored by the community. Attendees bring a box of pads or tampons to help build T2P2.


Funds donated

We are a very small grassroots nonprofit. We just closed our first fundraising round with a modest goal of $1,200. We exceeded that goal by 127%!  Big thanks to everyone who contributed! 


period packs created

Product we raise at events and drives get repacked into Period Packs that are easy to distribute, waterproof and compact. Each Period Pack contains 10 tampons and 5 pads.

Get Involved

We host several types of feminine-product-donation drives all over the city and would love for you to get involved!



We partner with organizations and businesses to build our Tower of Tampons & Pyramids of Pads. Our donation drives range in size and scope - from a Stuff the Trunk event at Green Lake Park to a Drop & Drink at the Stepping Stone. Some of our donors and partners have simply added a donation drive box to their retail location or asked friends to bring a box of tampons or pads to their private get togethers. If you are interested in hosting a drive of your own or collaboratively with the T2P2 team, please reach out


After a successful drive, we need folks to help create our Period Packs. Packing Parties usually take place at someone's house, coffee shop or restaurant. We’d love for you to join us or host a party! Here’s our calendar of events and contact info.

We look forward to having you be part of our little organization and make an impact on women’s lives once a month.


We do a few fundraisers throughout the year. They have a modest goal because we don't need very much to operate at full capacity. We use the funds to build awareness, buy supplies, host events, advertise events, reach a broader audience and pay for any operating expenses like this website. 


If you're having a girls weekend or even an in-home retail party, consider adding spice to your event by supporting this inspiring and much-needed cause by encouraging attendees to bring a box of tampons or pads so you can build your own Tower of Tampons and Pyramid of Pads to donate to T2P2.


October 2016

Every month, thousands of homeless women are placed in a crisis situation when they get their periods. From dealing with infections to being unable to purchase sanitary supplies, keeping safe and clean isn't easy on the streets.

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Community Support

This community has been a tremendous supporter of our cause and we have people all over Seattle asking how they can help. Here's what you can do!



Get your business or private party involved in the greater good for T2P2. Download our Donation Drive Playbook and get started!


After a successful donation drive, we repackage all tampons and pads into Period Packs that we distribute to the community. Learn more about hosting a packing party here.

Make a Donation

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